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What's Behind the Door

Seeking the Truth; What’s Behind the Door

In light of the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings and the revelations about his past, plus the sentencing of Bill Cosby, many recollections surface. In particular is Eldridge Cleaver’s Soul on Ice. It’s the only book I’ve ever attempted to read and by the end of Chapter 2 put it back on the shelf with a vow to never read anything from him. In that short span, Cleaver admitted to having raped several women simply because it was an amusement.

When the initial objection to Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court was raised, along with the timing of the incident, I wondered why the Hallinan defense wasn’t raised. However in Hallinan’s situation, he was brought to trial because of a fist fight in his youth. He won his case and was exonerated. He also went on to become one of the most respected San Francisco lawyers.

There are a few difficulties with today’s testimony. Although the incident happened during a high school party, there are successive, similar incidents that occurred during college attendance and yet another at a later time. This was not part of youthful indiscretion.

Another thing to take into mind is the heretofore practice of sweeping these types of incidents under the rug. The “victim” is silenced or encouraged to either tolerate the treatment or leave. To do otherwise, or become vocal about the incident(s) means career and reputation suicide. Meanwhile, the perpetrator is allowed to move forward with their career. The perpetrator advances and gains successively more powerful positions in social and business environments. They go unscathed and continue their practices.

It’s after 10 AM on September 27. The Ford testimony relating to appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court is on break now. The question that keeps nagging at my mind is why, if she used the stairs to go to the bathroom and was wearing a one-piece swimsuit, that she never used the bathroom for elimination at any time before she got home. But maybe the need to use the bathroom for the purpose of elimination is an assumption on my part.

The next issue that now bothers me is why the only bathroom in the house was on the second floor; there was no other on the first floor, nor a parlor lavatory in the laundry area.

Apparently the swimsuit was not wet. But the next troubling issue is how she was going to manage using the toilet while wearing a swimsuit. Maybe she wanted to change clothes and that was why she went upstairs.

Those issues aside, the details of the event are very credible.

Another issue is this candidate garnered an amazing amount of support from the one who put his name on the list. This is the same person who admitted to sexually groping women. He also has the opinion that abortion, especially in cases of rape, should not be allowed; the woman should bear the brunt of the act and its consequences. The man should not be held accountable.

The same endorser questioned why Ford did not go home and report the incident to her parents. Let’s stop and think about that. You get home from a party or a date and the parents ask, “So how was it?” Your response would be on the order of, “Oh, it was great. We were drinking. There were no adults present. And two guys tried to rape me.” Great dinner conversation. Ford’s testimony regarding the desire to sublimate and move on is typical of those who have endured a similar assault.

It’s understandable that Kavanaugh is denying any involvement in the incident. It’s to be expected that he raise the current excuses. Who would want to publicly admit to such acts? Given that there are now three women who have come forward with similar stories, given that this candidate has the power to carry the attitudes of his recommender into supreme law (as relates to assaults, fact finding, exoneration of an attacker, abortion rights, and more), it appears we need to look for another candidate. To confirm him would be tantamount to SCOTUS negligent hiring – for life. I shudder at the thought.

This is one of those ethics questions that hasn’t been examined because I read the book. These are real, balanced and unbiased desires for fact and truth finding in order to determine the fitness for office of the candidate – for the position of Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.

On August 10 Kavanaugh’s nomination was announced. I expressed some issues that needed to be considered. What do we know about Kavanaugh’s background? How well does he understand the plight of the people and the conditions that confront them? Is he able to make impartial decisions and resist attempts to influence him for political or economic reasons? Given that the practice of law (even law school) is so keenly competitive, will he be able to get along with his fellow justices if he does gain appointment?

All these things need to be taken into consideration when determining whether to make an offer to a candidate. The only things that change are the title, the organization, and the duties.

Some have the view that my voice in the war on sexual harassment is a new voice. Not true. It was only a recent occurrence that I began writing about it as a health issue.



Developing the Environment

Let's Make America Great Again

Let’s Make America Great Again

Facebook keeps prompting me with, “What’s on your mind, Yvonne?” What’s on my mind? After all the blustery posturing, the news of the Singapore Summit leaves me skeptical. Especially suspicious is the aligning of the two principal personalities. What’s on my mind is all of this is simply a fantastic drama with us as the players being used as pawns. We have no significance except to aide in the playing out of the drama and entertainment – a bit of showmanship to prove who is the greater master.

Recent news (circa May 17, 2018) has me concerned. The likelihood of a nuclear war started because two egomaniacal personalities wanted to show the other who wears the larger boots.

This week the on-again, off-again summit regarding denuclearization was on and actually happened. The pair met quasi privately in Singapore. Some argue that all the posturing was simply a game of chicken. That’s a dangerous game to play when it comes to human lives.

Now that the first dance has happened, what will be the actual next steps remains to be seen. There were promises made and understandings reached. The trouble is, both of these men are notorious for being unreliable with regard to treaties and pacts. Their loyalty is to their own selves and their own egos with regard to who sees them as the most powerful. Praise today only becomes grounds for termination within three days later.

Still, there has been some groundwork completed in regard to actual communication between the two countries after more than 60 years of ostracism and hate. It still looks like an alliance that’s being formed in anticipation of World War III, the Armageddon, wherein the entire globe will be annihilated. Unfortunately, it appears the U.S. will be a type of Holocaust Germany this time around. And we’ll be taking lessons from Leader Kim on how to rule the populace.

Yesterday (June 13) had a flurry of citizen journalists who were sharing summaries of the Summit from various sources. According to Jim Julian,

I just read the summary of the Singapore Summit on CNN and on Fox News. Were there two different summits? It would seem so reading this coverage.

All Americans MUST have multiple news sources and compare or risk being manipulated and misinformed.. As I’ve said before. I have three different news apps on my iPhone: CNN, Fox and BBC … three different worlds.

Wise deduction.

Perhaps I’m being overly pessimistic. A recent conversation illuminated the sensibleness of the bravado of our leader and how it is strategically wise. The words will need to be pondered and (you know me by now) researched in order to learn more.

Meanwhile, it would be wise to learn about disaster recovery and strategies to use in cases of attack and active shooter.

It’s unfortunate that our space program seems to have come to a halt. It would be good to have an escape hatch when the “big red button” is actually pushed.


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Quiet Power

It may appear to be innocuos

It may appear to be innocuous

About two months ago, I had a conversation with someone about whether The Don beats Melania. It’s undoubted that he abuses her psychologically and financially. Sexual exploitation, manipulation, isolation, he probably uses all of those tools and a few more.

My conversation partner expressed very similar insights as Matt Bai. They also offered that Melania has much more power than we suspect because she is the one holding the golden nuts in the tightly clenched palm of her hand. And she has in all likelihood told Mr. Wonderfully Almighty that he’d better not make her angry or she’ll tell the world what he really is.

My conversation partner speculated that Melania, unlike her predecessors, holds a lot of financial power over the Golden Haired Marvel as well as some other tools that can be used at the moment she decides (not someone else) that enough is enough. [Consider how many photo ops have caught her brushing his anxious, PR-sucking grasp in an effort to give the appearance of domestic bliss.]

To those who have endured domestic abuse and violence, take a lesson from FLOTUS. Figure out where you hold the power and then hold it as a guillotine over your abuser’s head. This advice also applies to those who are enduring abuse at work, school, or even some type of eleemosynary organization.

Say “NO” in as many ways as it can be communicated but with tact, grace, intelligence, and confidence – those things your abuser lacks.


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Researching the Rules

Researching the Rules

The deeper we go into Administration #45 and the more situations similar to the Philadelphia incident are revealed, the more I recall my first, in-your-face experience with racism. It was at my first Chamber of Commerce mixer.

I went home and allowed myself to be physically ill. Then I called my neighbor, a White real estate agent from Arkansas. We were friends; he was accepting of people. I demanded that he tell me precisely what I was facing by being seen as a Black woman who was a block buster in an (essentially) all White community.

While I don’t talk about that experience nor the cavalcade of other situations that reinforce and validate (not part of my imagination nor sensitive feelings) that experience, racism exists and endures in many forms.

Examples of the “madness” are documented in many ways. Fortunately, our civil rights cases regarding freedom of speech and association, the separate but equal decisions exist to show what types of illogical exclusion is part of our history. It wasn’t that long ago that women broke the barriers and became accepted cadets at The Citadel and

It is not unconscious bias. It is lack of education, and therefore awareness, and the inability to see things from the other side of the picture. It is about not being able to see people of another race or ethnicity as human beings, individuals who have humanity and deserve respect.

Even in the Deep South, Southern hospitality was predicated on being respectful of others, no matter what their race or station. Unfortunately, it also meant certain members of the population were simply not allowed to partake of the American Pie in the same types of bites as others. To do so was considered a sin against society, violating community standards.

Fortunately, not all Whites held that belief nor practiced it. There were many who strove to cause positive change and more inclusion through their being part of various organizations and associations where their words could be heard and persuade others to see a different, better course from having inclusiveness. It sometimes takes being on the inside to be able to cause a shift in attitudes and positive changes.

Having these experiences has reinforced my belief and conviction that all people are created equal. Each of us deserves the right to reach the greatest possible potential. Therefore, in this matter, I am on the right path. I proclaim my status as an expert in the area of diversity, especially with regard to Title VII diversity. I will continue to develop knowledge and awareness of the issues as well as the case law and statutes that support the right to access. Thus saying, it is also important to be vigilant about the threats to those forms of access and rights to existence. Those rights are embodied in our Constitution and are considered civil rights.

Each specialist, each expert is one based on their particular slice of the picture. There are those who are lawyers and judges. There are also those who are arbitrators and mediators. Let us not overlook the administrative law judges of the EEOC and other governing bodies. And there are the advocates and consultants who focus in discrete issues where they have carved out their own specialties.

Contrary to the belief of some, this expertise is not predicated on mere opinion. In some instances it is developed via first-hand experiences, either witnessing the issue visited on others or having it inflicted on their own selves because of the deficiencies of the abusers.

As to a sampling of the content that has shaped these words, please consider these resources:

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Keep Your Friends Close

Which identity

Which identity

A perennial quote from Sun Tzu, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”

There are several explanations regarding the meaning of the statement. One relates to being able to anticipate the actions of one’s foes. Another relates to understanding the motivations of those who are one’s antagonists or rivals. Thus, it explains why some businesses thrive in a highly competitive marketplace while others exit for one reason or another. Sometimes it isn’t a question of anticipating the actions of the competition as much as not having the foresight to envision the next enhancement or not being the one clever enough to create a strong consumer desire for your product or service.

Friend or Enemy

This brings us to the question of how to accurately identify the friend who may actually be the wolf in sheep’s clothing. So many who have survived either domestic workplace abuse thought they had an ally who could be trusted with the private grousing or the sharing of hopes and desires. How many can attest to sharing the details of a proposal with a manager only to later discover those very details have become part and parcel of a project under another’s direction?

Is it an enemy who tells you outright that you’ve been blacklisted and will not be working in any industry anymore? Or is that actually an ally who’s providing notice that adjustments in your plans need to be made? Better to know than to spend an inordinate amount of time trying to make the car run when it has no gas tank or wheels.

With a certainty, there will be disparaging remarks that are only made out of earshot. They will relate to one’s character, work product, sanity and stability, and other matters that are cause for people to spurn and disassociate. Yes, they can come from an outright enemy. That venue is to be expected. In fact, it’s the grist of many soap operas. But how do we define the one who is our most trusted who drops a word or phrase that casts doubt and discourages?

And then there’s the one who spreads false rumors or attributes negative comments about a person or group that were never made. If no one brings up the subject with the one given credit for having made those statements, it becomes nearly impossible to put out the flames of destruction. Better to address the matter when there’s some inkling of trouble. In circles of good social responsibility, making the bad news public from the owner of the blot rather than have it blown out of proportion and raise the question of whether a cover-up was attempted is a prudent move.

Friends and enemies. Yes, it’s a good idea to think of many situations, both social and business, as a potential for re-enacting an episode of Big Brother. When we think of the management style of leading by example, we don’t have too far to look for a role model. While it may seem like paranoia, being prepared for and able to anticipate the pitfalls is both rational and reasonable.


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Influences and Influencers

Using a Guidepost

Using a Guidepost

They’re so subtle that we don’t realize our thoughts and actions are being shaped by their impact. Yet various words that imply certain concepts trigger one type of response compared with another. That in turn makes the difference between one type of action compared with a different choice.

Sometimes it’s words that imply a certain type of reward. Sometimes it’s words that suggest a painful penalty or dreaded condition that causes avoidance or complete abandonment of a project or association. It can sometimes lead to isolation, blacklisting, and even one of our current blights – homelessness – existing on the streets in a camping style existence. Perhaps minimal government assistance is available; perhaps it’s been depleted. No matter which, government assistance is one of the reasons our taxes keep rising, thereby pushing our middle class closer to the low income strata or plunging into below poverty level.

It’s the below low income and poverty strata that will force people into either becoming extremely clever because they come up with viable alternatives that were overlooked. These alternatives can also be the negative side of the coin when gangs, illegal trafficking, and theft are the resort. Coercion into joining the darker side is what leads to growth of the practice. Rewards bestowed upon those who follow the rules of the “gang” are what act as the glue and the magnet for members.

Still, there are those who are not at low or poverty level income. They can be found in many economic segments. The liquor of their motivation is the feeling of power when they see the effects of their desired practices pay off and either eliminate the target or increase their level of power and influence.

The myths born of stereotypes perpetuate the dynamics of what is now referred to as “unconscious bias.” Playing into the stereotype myths is the reluctance to delve into learning about the subject and interacting with those who are associated with it in order to become more aware of the circumstances as well as become empowered through learning the truth of the matter.

It seems ethical practices are becoming a rarity. However, the emergence of various movements to disclose some of the historic backdoor practices seems to be forcing us into taking full cognizance of our so-called unconscious practices. In reality, they’re not unconscious; they’re part of a long-standing cultural practice of using unscrupulous tactics at the cost of humanity (a gross over generalization, but very close to the heart of the message).

The way to escaping the negative influences and unethical practices, the gang mentality, is to pull the covers off the perpetrators in order to show who and what they are. Before taking drastic measures, it is prudent to attempt discussing the matter with them as a means of changing behavior or creating an awareness of the rewards of doing things in a positive way. Perhaps those private conversations are why we have so many movements these days; because the conversations were not effective and the thought processes of the perpetrator were too firmly ingrained.

Unfortunately, we as a society tend toward the easy path of group mentality. We follow the practices of those who are staying with the herd in order to gain the benefits of being part of the group’s practices. Rather than becoming more inventive with regard to devising viable, reasonable alternative, we look forward to gaining a better foothold by doing as the others do. If only there were the luxury of time to consider the consequences – social and individual – of those practices. If only there were some type of exposure to the consequences that the practices have on the stakeholders. Perhaps that is when the influence and influencers will no longer wield as much power.

Perhaps a few samples of various practices would be helpful. Then pick and choose which are the more ethical practices and which are not. Some profiles are listed under “career coaching” or “career advice” on one site. How interesting to find some vendors who offer fortune telling services as a means of delivering advice. But their reviews are stellar.

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Terrorism: Domestic and Foreign

Gunman in need of a target.

Gunman in need of a target.

According to the history, this post was started on 2017/08/23. I remember this endeavor. Collecting the links to make the point of how conditions are devolving became overwhelming and I simply abandoned the effort. The hopeful thought was someone else would become cognizant of the issues, motivated by the circumstances, and act upon them before my feeble efforts at screaming “Stop it” were read, let alone heard. That wasn’t the case. Here we are nearly a year later. Here we are with so much more death and devastation.

Youth who are barely over the age of 16 years have become organized. They are speaking out. They have the organization and funding to plan and execute protests not only in Washington, D.C. but across the nation. Their voices are being heard. They are demanding that Congress stop using PAC dollars to maintain the status quo. They are saying ‘our lives matter’ – just as Black lives, and Brown lives, and Yellow lives, and the rest of the spectrum. All lives matter.

Even as I prepared to write a post regarding ethics, my attention was drawn the the number of times I’ve written about assaults in just this space. It was painful to relive those posts. It was even more painful to realize we use these instances as cocktail and coffee hour conversation. We suck our cheeks, cluck our tongues, feel good about the fact that we had a superficial exchange about the latest news, and then return to our normal activities, content with the belief that we’ve done our part for being socially aware and involved.

We have reached a point when it’s time to peaceably take action. It’s time to urge immediate action to preserve our Constitutional values and rights. It’s time to urge Congress to unite in protecting its citizens and population from the looming war that threatens us domestically, in every city nationwide as well as the foreign threat against the nation and the peace and safety we deserve to enjoy.

We should not awake before hearing the news report and wonder whether we are about to suffer a nuclear attack from some foreign country. Nor should we awake wondering when someone in our neighborhood (or even those who have crossed state borders to our neighborhood) who has the intent and armaments to attack and destroy our lives and desecrate our homes has done so. We should not be forced to live in fear for our lives and safety at every turn. Like a person living in a domestic violence setting, this is unhealthy. Anything could prove to be the tipping point that leads to the explosion – and our destruction.

In many ways, we’ve been told how inconsequential we are compared with the gratification of the president’s ego. His grandeur, not the welfare of this nation, is paramount for the attention devoted to sitting in the Oval Office. The power that seat represents is what drives the hourly tweets and inappropriate communication that emanates from the place. Those who serve the man, reflect his principles because he has set the standard and now leads by example.

Since August 11, I’ve been consumed with journalism about the events in Charlottesville, Virginia and posting coverage of not only those events but also related incidents. Enough. Depressing and disturbing as they are, the curated content is posted here.

August 12
Protesters in Charlottesville, VA turned violent as counter protesters reacted. The demonstration, in the early hours of California time, erupted into breaking newsworthy publicity. Three hours later, a car rammed through a crowd of counter protesters. One has been killed.

There was silence from the White House, yet the mayor of Charlottesville decried the situation and the cause of it.

It was FLOTUS who finally spoke out against the violence via a tweet.

It’s now an hour later. There’s been an announcement that of those in the counter protester injuries, one has died. The President (who during his campaign encouraged acts of violence and disorder while promising impunity for such acts) has remained silent.

Another breaking news announcement hit the airwaves a few minutes ago. The President was supposed to finally speak about the Charlottesville situation.

In reality, he had no intention to speak nor do anything about the situation except to do a PR one-minute acknowledgement of it. His first priority was recognition of the VA, which was essentially more his proclamation than addressing the violence and disarray in Virginia.

These protests against removal of the Robert E. Lee statue have been ongoing (at least since May of this year). Today’s activities took the protests to a higher pitch.

In a response to that incident, the observation was made that:
Leader inaction has consequences. You know, they were only following the campaign rhetoric and examples of the President. What’s wrong with that?

Things kept spiraling:
An account of the activities in Charlottesville that takes in many of the perspectives involved. It sounds like the domestic beginning of WWIII.

While China along with both North and South Korea looked on and worried:
In yet other news, China is urging Trump (for the second time since April) to use more restraint in his language and actions toward North Korea. Apparently there have been more than three warnings from China about the bullying stance coming from the new President up to this week.

Meanwhile, back in the States and as the events continued to escalate, I wondered, Is Virginia an open carry state? Apparently Charlottesville is an open carry city. Some of the alt-right protesters are carrying rifles. But we should take note that several days after this “rally,” it was reported that not all of the members of the crowd were Charlottesville residents. Protesters and rally attendees came from as far away as Portland, Oregon and other states in order to raise their voices and create the tumult. Their actions had absolutely nothing to do with rights and interests that pertain to their own homes and property.

August 13:
In sharp contrast to Charlottesville, VA, there were repercussions in Dresden, Germany when an American Tourist Punched For Giving Nazi Salute In Germany on the same day. Where’s the American enforcement of hate crime laws? In fact, it was time to look up the United States definition of “hate crime” as defined by the FBI.

* * *

Enough. I can’t endure this anymore. We cannot afford to endure this anymore. Time for us to join the youth as mentors and co-organizers. These acts of violence are not coming from immigrants; they’re homegrown in a toxic garden that’s being constantly fertilized. Time for all of us to lift our voices in protest to our current circumstances and take affirmative action.

How Many Times?

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