Re-electing the Convicted

I’m upset.

Meet the Press featured a special segment about former legislators who served prison terms. Their convictions involved fraud and racketeering, among other matters. Now that they’ve been released, they’re running for office again (Published October 19th 2014, 10:43 am).

The former Governor of Louisiana is among those who served at least five years in prison for racketeering.

There’s also a clip of him on the campaign trail. He talks with an elderly Black woman. She expresses her favorable impression of him and promises to support his election because she’s aware that he’s focused on the good of the people and wants to help them. Perhaps she isn’t aware of his on-camera quip elsewhere: He’s just fine under the sheets. And there he’s a wizard. The implications of that statement are frightening.

It hints at his private life activities. It seems to forebode a return to old-style practices that seem to be budding throughout all of the Obama administration and especially in light of the anti-Obama tactics being used to put Republicans into office. Collectively, there is a presage of socially returning to practices of a national historic nature.

What is unclear is why these three men are eligible to run for office. They have been convicted of felonies and served time for their crimes against society. At least one has admitted he believes he’s above the law and cannot be caught at involvement in his activities. Again, the former Governor says he can’t be caught unless he’s found with a dead woman in his bed or with a young boy and neither, he says, is likely. Do the others have similar attitudes? It would be good for the Press to devote more focus on these people, to investigate the legitimacy of the candidacies. Usually, one loses their rights of citizenship after being convicted and serving prison time.

Is anyone aware of these previously convicted legislators who appear to still have the same intents and propensities?

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2 thoughts on “Re-electing the Convicted

  1. It is so good to find you here in WordPress and I couldn’t share your feeling more. What is rampant in America today and “socially” accepted is whatever is immoral or goes against what is good.

    Ministers who are false prophets taking the words from the bible out of context; encouraging our children to be gay or that sex is ok because you can fix the results by murdering the result of your actions; participating in criminal actions or even something as simple as lying about everything. All with a smerk on your face and the attitude “what are you going to do about it”.

    We are certainly in the black days but just must continue blowing Ezekiels horn for those who still have open ears to listen.


    • Thank you for your observations and words.

      It’s so disturbing to see so many facets of the social “our” lives changing for the worse. What’s even more disturbing is the number of individuals who sit in consenting silence, many times out of fear of bucking against the leadership. The threat and pain of reprisals hold many in slavery to the mob mentality.


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