Tobacco Travails

On NewsConferenceLA this morning, one of the discussions related to ‪‎tobacco ‪‎companies and their lobbying Congress and legislators via ‪contributions to ‎political ‪‎campaigns thereby, influencing ‪‎elections and legislation.

Tobacco and ‪‎smoking have been taken to excess in relation to their original purposes. They’ve become an semi-acceptable vice. In protest to the negative effects of tobacco products, CVS no longer sells ‪‎cigarettes. I haven’t researched this move to ascertain whether CVS has stopped selling all tobacco products nor what the PR basis for this move is.

These matters make me remember a long-held consideration about the issue of tobacco. What are some beneficial ‪‎alternative‎‪‎uses‬ of the product? Would it take a lot of effort to implement those efforts?

The Indigenes did not add ‪‎nicotine to the plant. It was smoked for ‪‎religious and political ‪‎rites‬ (the solidification of treaties), to cement agreements as a sign of unified effort. (Think peace pipe, But the dangerous additives were not part of the cultivation of the product. It was not addictive. It was the 20th Century commercialization of the product that brought about adding chemicals that would cause craving for more.

So maybe tobacco companies can lose the tarnished reputations their signature products and their brand now own if they stop adding the chemicals to the products. (Just a thought.)

But that still leaves us with the troubling matter of election influencing with campaign contributions and lobbying that surpass the usual abilities of the average voter.


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