How Will You Remember?

Today is September 11. It is also eight years since that infamous day of purported terrorist attacks on our American soils wherein thousands of unsuspecting and innocent lives were decimated or forever changed.

I would like to know how you who are visiting my page will remember 9/11 and what type of significance the day has for you now.

What did I do on that fateful day? I listened in disbelief to the radio newscast of the occurrences and wondered how any pilot could accidentally fly into the side of a building. And when the aircraft mishaps built in intensity and time of frequency, I was convinced that these were not accidents. But life had to go on because I was and still am an independent consultant. I needed to deliver on my clients’ work so that I could continue to be paid. A year later I shared my impressions on SmartPros with my submission of “All in the course of a day“.

After requesting that friends on a networking site share how they will be remembering this day, a few responded with rather surprising responses. Their words were definitely not expected but the information they provided was not. Additionally, they are in professions that support their contentions and at least one provided concrete evidence of the veracity of their words. The 9/11 incident was not an accident. I was so relieved that the last presidency ended and no one from his party replaced him in order to continue our march to Bataan in order to realize rule under fascism. Even though it was entirely justified on many bases, I have to ask myself why that man was never recalled.

One friend from that site has posted a YouTube video called “Can’t Give up Now” that has a great deal of relevance to 9/11. Please partake of it.

And There Was Oklahoma City

As I circulated this message on that other networking site, another of my friends sent me an impassioned response. He lives in Oklahoma City and reminded me of the bombing that occurred there in 1995. He wondered if I, or anyone, remembers that day. I do remember it and the travesty that it was. I also remember the senselessness of the act and the maliciousness of the perpetrators who were captured, tried, and sentenced. He will be remembering the lives that were lost on that day while others recall the more recent disaster in New York and other nearby vicinities.

With his reminder, I will also remember Oklahoma City.

In regard to Oklahoma, I don’t recall the precise date of the incident (it was April 19, 1995) nor the time of day (except that it was before 10 AM. What I do recall (and shared with my friend) is how it unfolded as I prepared to do my broadcast of the news that day. It was indelible. I was on my way to the studio at Broadcast Services for the Blind as I tuned in to the middle of the story of a fire that was out of control. No location was identified when I tuned in nor any other details.

When I walked into the studio, I told the Director that a fire was raging somewhere and had they heard the news. Since we were broadcasting the news to the the low vision and blind population in 13 counties, it seemed that we should be on top of that story and provide awareness of it. By the time I left the studio, an hour later, the full details had started surfacing. Yes, it was devastating. And I remember it very well.

The American Promises

Finally, please remember the American promises of the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s that we so believed were true and caused us to have the patriotism that made our hearts beat faster and our brains burn with desire. Sing “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” in a loud and lively voice as though those promises are still just as relevant and reliable today as they were when we were innocent children and still believed in the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus.


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