Who Moved My Blog?

So there I was, racing about doing this and doing that, striving to meet this deadline and that, overcoming what appeared to be insurmountable obstacles and hardships — and doing it! — and all other manner of super-human accomplishments. And then, just as when you’re running at beyond record-breaking speed and trip and fall, I came to a sudden halt. It was like having all the wind sucked out of you. It was like hitting a brick wall. It was like trying to run through a metal restraining wire in the middle of the night. You go nowhere but bend over in half from the abruptness of the stop.

The last time I was at The Desk of Yvonne LaRose, was on May 30 and I’d posted something to do with changes. Then Paris Hilton started with her spoiled brat, priviledged child shenanigans. The ultimate was learning that the very forward-thinking matter of having a court hearing via teleconference was Paris’ idea and not that of the court. It was time to express the outrage at her audacity. Oops! That blog post could not be made. Well, it must be that the hussy, Paris, moved my blog. Hmmmph! How dare she?!? I’ll just give her a piece of my mind, that’s what I’ll do. That is, that’s what I’ll do after I find my blog.

Well, since that date in early June, I’ve attended to the business matters for which I was being held accountable, done my webinar, completed the finishing touches on the wrap-up, thanked numerous people, followed up on pending messages, addressed the County Board of Supervisors regarding the conditions at Harbor General Hospital, and sent inquiries to several places about where I might find my blog.

In response to one inquiry sent to Jobster’s support desk, I received a response saying if there was any further information they could provide, I could feel free to get in touch. There was no answer to the question about the location of the blog. I searched the Recruiting.com website for a name of some human to contact about blogs or a phone number or email to use to make an inquiry. None could be found. I did the same with the Jobster site since Jobster took over Recruiting.com. I had the same results with searching the Jobster site.

It must be that I’m not very good at what I do — research, stealth searches for elusive and arcane information that will unlock the truths of the generations. At least, that’s how this situation feels.

I was warned back in mid-April (I think), that the Recruiting.com subdomain blogs were not going to be supported any more and that I needed to start moving my blog. The message was acknowledged with a response asking for reminders when time was running out and speculating on when the cut-off date would be. There was no response. There were no reminders. But when I made that last post, there was a notice splayed across the entire face of the template. It said something about the upgrades that were being made for the sake of the blogging satisfaction of the constituents. It went on to talk about the servers were going to be moved. Then it instructed that those whose blog was being hosted should use a CNAME tag to redirect the URL but if the blog was a subdomain, the blogger need do nothing. Yes, I’m smart. I sent a note to Support asking what that message meant. I acknowledged that I was a subdomain and asked if I still needed to do the CNAME tag and redirect. If so, I said I needed instructions on how to do that. There was no response.

Could it be that brat Paris posted that warning message just to throw me off guard? Stinker! She’s probably hiding my blog until she can con me out of several million dollars and my undying admiration for her whatever. Nope. She’s not getting it. But in the meantime, there were posts that people were searching for. There were posts that brought readers to the blog from the U.N. There was information that university professors pointed to and recommended their classes consider. There was content that related to some of the business that I needed to complete. There were guest posts that were really outstanding.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had content get zapped. So the effect wasn’t like having polar ice water sprayed in your face in sub-thermal temperatures, making it feel as though you’ve got microscopic pins striking like ouzi bullets. This is definitely not the first time I’ve needed to make a determination about rebuilding and then doing so (what a waste of time moving backward is!). But I’d really like to move forward and stop this foolishness.

What am I going to do? I’ve already taken the second step. The Pundit is here. It will have some of the content from The Desk of Yvonne LaRose. Other parts will pobably be put on my other two blogs. The career and coaching posts will go to The Desk. Case studies, reviews, and maybe things that relate to ethics will go to The Consultant’s Desk. Or maybe things relating to ethics, management, communication, leadership, and the many other issues discussed on The Desk of Yvonne LaRose will come to The Pundit. Or maybe I’ll just put all of that stuff into a book and profit off my laboring and love (such drama!).

Yes, I still know how to laugh at Life’s situations and at myself.

Welcome to The Pundit. We’ll see how the fate of the content from The Desk of Yvonne LaRose evolves. Meanwhile, this is where my “fair comment” house has moved. Enjoy and talk back.


One thought on “Who Moved My Blog?

  1. Wow. I’m speechlesser; as if she didn’t have her own life to run amok, now Ms. Hilton decides she needs to screw over the rest of Los Angeles as well. If it’s any consolation, you can always find a new spot in cyberspace to continue your wonderful web work. Hilton’s mobility, on the other hand, is fairly limited right now. 😀



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